Get the Banner

Pick a Flavor

I have created a number of ways that you can display your support for the Alternative US National Park Service:

  • A simple graphic that you can use on social media or on your website.
  • An iframe with a dynamic, linked banner that you can add to your own website, including self-hosted WordPress websites.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 code you can host on your website (under development 1/30/2017).
  • A WordPress plugin (under development 1/30/2017).

Let’s get started!

Just the Graphic

Just do a right click, save image as on the below banner and save it to your computer. Then, spread it around on social media and your websites!


Add an <iframe> Dynamic Banner

On any webpage, add the following HTML to get the dynamic, linked banner. You can see it in action here.

HTML5 and CSS3 Code You Can Host

Coming soon!

A WordPress Plugin

Coming soon!